Look: Classic Old Hollywood Glamour!

Recently we’ve been studying the makeup and fashion of the 1940s for a film study on the film Casablanca. The film was made in 1942 and is set during the second world war, so the makeup throughout is beautiful and classic.

This is one of my favourite makeup styles and I thought I’d do an old Hollywood glamour style look today. The look is defined by flawless skin, structured brows, and a sultry but elegant eye with a little liner on the top.


This is what I came up with! Rita Hayworth is my idol, so her look definitely influenced the outcome. Her hair is always On Form so I tried to recreate something that resembled the soft wavy style she has going on below by curling my hair with curling tongs then brushing it through with a comb. Because my hair is so long and thick it didn’t really like holding curls so the effect wasn’t quite as intense!

As you can see below, I winged my liner out a little bit and did my brows a little darker than usual. In hindsight I could have done my brows a little thinner and my wing a little thicker, but I was pleased with the result I got.

I also brought a little dark brown through the crease and kept the lid bright and clean with the colour “Foxy” from the Naked2 Palette. As usual, I bring you a shot of my makeup way closer to my face than you might actually like to see:

DSC08184Overall, I had fun doing a pin-up style look and I think I’m going to go for a red lip more often! I love how bold and classic it looks.

lolWhat do you think of this look? I’d love to see some selfies if you guys have tried out the classic pin-up look too! Let me know in the comments!




Article & Look: David Bowie

I decided to join the hoardes of people that aspire to appear in Google Image Searches of “David Bowie Makeup” recently by painting my beautiful model D’s face in what I’m going to call a Reverse Bowie.

20140701_122530She was a very good sport and let me do her hair in a very wild 80s kind of half up-half down style with a lot of volume at the top. We took inspiration from the cover of Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, as you might have already guessed!


To achieve this Ziggy Stardust-esque look, we used the Kryolan Aqua Colours which were fantastic to work with and would be great fun to do other colour-heavy face painting looks.

20140701_122659After the base was applied and the colour went on, we did a dark blue contour on her other cheek which you might be able to spot in these pictures. You could also pair this with a bolder red lip or try it with other colours – pink and teal perhaps!

20140701_122653Although it’s not your usual smoky-eye-and-a-bit-of-lippy, I thought I’d post this look up for a change – we had a great time putting it together.

What did you think of the Bowie look? Would you try this for a party? Let me know in the comments!

Article & Look: Bridal Skincare & Makeup

My friend C, who is one of the MOST beautiful, is getting married very soon. As you read this, I will likely be embarking upon a HEN’S WEEKEND of snow (!!!) and hot chocolates (!!!) and other exciting Hen’s things. It seems apt then, dear reader, that we have a little chat about bridal hair and makeup.


Can you see how ready I am to talk about bridal hair and makeup? Can you see how scarily sharp this image is? Maybe as sharp as my wit. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We’ll get on with it, shall we? As I see it, there are three key components to the bridal makeup look. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bride, the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or just a lowly wedding attendee – you’ve got to make sure The Big Three are On Point:

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Outfit

Naturally, as a makeup artist, the makeup part is the most important for me, but the hair and outfit come a close second. For this look, my hair is in a loose romantic updo, and my makeup is simple and natural. The outfit isn’t going to be featured, but a well-tailored dress is a good wedding starting position.

missha collage

To achieve the simple, natural makeup look, you need to start with a clean base. Everyone knows that a good, clean base starts with great skin, and if they don’t you need to educate them or defriend them on Facebook (KIDDING LOL). Above is a wee collage of a top notch Missha Ceramide face mask, which is a good way to top up your skincare routine and keep your skin in great shape.

To get wedding-proof skin you need to start at least six months to a year out. Your skincare routine should consist of, at the very least, a gentle cleanser like Dr Bronner’s or the Nubian Heritage Black Africa Soap, a low-PH toner like the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner or one with rosewater and witch hazel in it, and a good moisturiser like the Sukin sensitive one.


Closer to the wedding, you’ll want to get your manicure and last-minute waxing done the week of, and on the day, sort your hair and makeup out like this. Wedding hair can be anything you like almost as long as it falls within the realm of “would wear outside the house.” Curls are a good option – this hair up took a set of curling tongs, some hairspray and a LOT of bobby pins.

Wedding makeup is usually quite natural and beautiful. You don’t often see a purple lip on a bride, although wedding guests can get away with it. For this look, I did some very simple, natural pink-hued blended shadow, a natural contour and highlight, and a soft, natural lip colour. This is really all you need – you don’t want to overshadow the bride!

Would you like to see a post about my current skincare routine? What did you think of this post? Let me know in the comments!

Look: The Multi-Occasion Wonder

The other night, I did a 45 minute make up look that suprised me. I was going out to sober drive the boy (J) from the bar and intended to sit and hang out with some of our friends before I took him home.


The look I ended up with was so versatile I think you could use it for nearly any occasion: wedding, baby shower, night out, picnic, shopping, birthday…anything! And so, dear reader, I present to you: the Multi-Occasion Wonder (abbreviated hereafter as the MOW).


If you’ll excuse the smudged mascara (GODDAMNIT MASCARA JUST GO WHERE I WANT U 2), I think this look is near-perfect. It’s natural but still has enough subtle-cut-crease-bit-of-gold-bit-of-lip-quite-glowy going on to keep things interesting and je-ne-sais-quois-y. That’s probably enough with the hyphens now.

To create this look, I did my base as per my Khontour tutorial, then my eyebrows with the Elf brow kit. My lips are a sweet combo of Elizabeth Arden’s Tropicoral and Topshop’s Innocent, then on the eyes is the good old NYX jumbo eye pencil in cashmere with a series of cut-crease techniques performed by Tease, Bootycall, Half-Baked and Snakebite from the Naked2 Palette.


I finished off the MOW with a few swipes of the Maybelline Colossal mascara, threw on my coat and scarf and headed out to pick up the boy. I was going to apply false lashes but was so happy with how this came out (can u tell from my face lol) that I decided against it.

What do you guys think of this look? What would you do differently? Let me know in the comments!


Article and Look: Night Markets with Amber!

Last Sunday Amber from Amber in Wonderland and I went on a little trip to the night markets to visit Lauren from Fresh & Flawless. We got ready together and did a video so as soon as we can edit it we’ll pop it on YouTube!

amber makeupelese makeup

These are the looks that we created. Amber usually goes for an orange-based lip and I usually go for a purple-hued lip so we thought we’d swap! Amber is wearing the MAC NightMoth pencil mixed with Vamp it Up by Wet N Wild & I’m wearing Lime Crime’s Cosmopop mixed with Elizabeth Arden’s Tropicoral.


We found these super cute headbands with bows as well as scrunchies in similar patterns but they were a bit pricey for our liking. Naturally, dinner was on the cards too. I had Malaysian and Amber had Chinese, then for dessert…


KiwiYo and these amazing donuts filled with nutella! I took a few home for J, who was injured from rugby & devoured them quite happily.


We went and visited Lauren at Fresh & Flawless too – I’m searching for designs to get next time we visit the markets!


Lauren was sporting these awesome glitter gel nails. I love how creative this is. You should definitely visit Lauren if you are at the night markets in Glenfield on a Sunday!

Have you ever been to the Auckland night markets? Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Look: Birthday Party Cat-Eye & Violet Lip Combo

As hard as it might be to believe, last night I felt compelled to take some selfies of my makeup and show you guys. I was heading to a friend’s birthday party and wanted a low-key but fun makeup look.


If I’m going out somewhere other than to work or to the supermarket, I usually make a pretty good effort to ensure that my makeup is On Point. This means a perfect base, great brows and lipstick with my eye make up coordinated to the lipstick look.


We’ve spoken about this before and we can speak about it again; DoubleWear is the key to that perfect base. I’ve also been using Borne Cosmetics concealer, and under my DoubleWear I used Elf’s silicone-based Mineral Face primer.


Brows and eyes were C/O the Elf brow kit and the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, with Jordana Best Lash Extreme also featuring. I used some of the more muted colours from the Naked2 Palette because I didn’t want to compete with the lipstick.


To give my eye makeup a bit of extra oomph I did a winged cat eye over the top of my neutral shadow and then added a set of natural-looking false lashes. I glued these on with Duo (HG lash glue) and was more or less finished in the eye department.


For the lips I used MAC’s Nightmoth lip pencil combined with OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie. I topped it up throughout the night with MAC’s Rebel but truth be told the staying power of the MAC pencil combined with the Lip Tar was pretty impressive. I’m very into this lip colour and will be buying more of the lip tars to mix them together with other lip tars as well as with the MAC lip pencils.

What do you think of this look? Do you like the lip colour? Let me know in the comments!

Look: TV Series – The Hills!

There are so many wise people that have walked this earth – we might start by thinking about the religious chaps like Buddha and Jesus. Then there are the intelligent chaps like Einstein and Stephen Hawking. After that we have the all-round good chaps like Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

Pretty high up on that list, at least for me, is Lauren Conrad.


Today I’m going to channel Lauren’s wisdomonious aura by copying her style. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Lauren, being the wise lady she is, keeps her makeup simple, classic and glowy.


To achieve this look, I got my Laguna Beach on and bronzed like there was no tomorrow with my Sleek face form palette. There was a definite highlight here, because homegirl Lauren always looks super fresh like she’s just gone for a hike and it’s time for some PinkBerry.


After that, I winged out my eyeliner sharply, because unlike Spencer (who is blunt) or Heidi (obtuse), I want to look sharp like LC. I kept my brows looking sharp too in true Hills fashion. No one’s got more brow game than these girls (Cara Delevingne and Beyonce tho?).


Like LC herself I wore stripes and pearl earrings, and finished the glowing just-drank-ten-litres-of-Evian look off with a peachy nude lip and some NYX Butter gloss. The boyf also weighed in on this look, saying “you just look normal” and “what’s for dinner?”


I took a break from being classy for a moment to take some selfies and trick my Snapchat friends:

What did you guys think of this look? Do you love LC as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

This post was first featured on Kirsty’s amazing blog MakeupObsessives!

Look & Review: Wet N Wild’s Vamp It Up Lipstick

Every once in a while, I find a lipstick that makes me feel super HIGH FASHUN when I put it on.


In Wet N Wild’s Vamp It Up, I have found another. You may remember my latest BeautyJoint haul from way back. I’ve not worn lipsticks for a week or so because my lips have been a wee bit sore but this was the perfect lip colour to break them back in again.


As the name suggests, Vamp It Up is a perfectly vampire-esque shade, and is not of the glittery Edward Cullen variety. The colour of Vamp It Up runs in a more HIGH FASHUN vampire vein, and reminds me a little of MAC’s Smoked Purple.


The quality of this lipstick is pretty outstanding for the price and I am thoroughly impressed by it, as I usually am by Wet N Wild lipsticks. I wore this with a lipliner (!!!!) and it lasted about three hours before I needed to reapply, which doesn’t seem terrible considering some of my MAC lippies wear off faster.


I mixed this baby with MAC’s Nightmoth pencil (my fave) and the result was amazing.


Can you tell how happy I am with this colour? Everyone needs this lipstick. EVERYONE.

Have you tried Wet N Wild’s Vamp It Up? Do you own a similar colour? Let me know in the comments!

Look: The TV Series – Geordie Shore

I have to be honest with you all. My grandmother was a Geordie. Perhaps this explains my unabashed love and devotion to the 7-season-strong MTV show I’m channeling in today’s look.

You’ve probably already guessed from the title, but today’s look is based on my favourite ladies from the horrendously great, guilty-pleasure-esque MTV show: GEORDIE SHORE. In this look I tried to incorporate what I think are the key elements of looking like a worldy. I don’t have double Fs like Holly but I do have:

  1. Ridiculous false lashes
  2. A dark smokey eye
  3. A Vicky-esque pout
  4. A bodycon dress
  5. A drink in hand (we’re getting mortal, obviously)
  6. The biggest hair I could muster without buying hair extensions

Just don’t look at my nails. They’re real and un-polished, and my fake tan is severely lacking (BUT NEE BOTHER). Also maybe I should have done my brows darker but when I sat down before my partner asked “did you draw on your eyebrows or something? What a mug.

This look was pretty straightforward – I did heavier contouring and more defined brows than usual, a black smokey eye and a pale pink lip as well as the essential falsies, and faster than you can say “Parsnip,” I was transformed into a Geordie Lass.

There are probably about thirty MUAs (and MUOs) looking at this smokey eye and reaching for their blending brushes for comfort right now. To get this super-black smokey eye I did my eye makeup before foundation to prevent fallout, and used the sellotape trick. My brows were drawn on c/o the Elf brow kit, which I used an angled eyebrow brush to apply. There’s definitely a little bit of the Sleek face form kit going on here too, which was set with good old Rimmel Stay Matte.

In Geordieland it seems that good things come in twos (here’s looking at you Charlotte and Gaz) and in true Geordie fashion there were two aptly named players involved here – Blackout (matte black shadow) and Bootycall (a nude shimmer shadow) from the Naked2 palette. I did blend like crazy, but you could probably blend even crazier if you were going for a more refined look.

I went upstairs with this face on and gave my partner’s brother a bit of a fright but all the Snapchat feedback was positive. I love me a bit of Geordie Shore, and like a canny lass I think I’ll try this black smokey eye next time I head out to town.

HOWAY MAN are you game to try this look? Are you a Geordie lass at heart? Let me know in the comments!

This post was also published over at Makeup Obsessives.