FINALLY – a dupe for Nars Orgasm!: A Sleek vs NARS Blush-Off!

Nars Orgasm may be the most iconic blush of all time. Blush-obsessed bloggers and makeup addicts alike devote a lot of time and money to achieving the perfect golden-tinted raspberry glow, and Orgasm is known all over the world for making that dream a reality. Unfortunately for us kiwis, here in little old New Zealand, access to some of the beautiful cult products made by Nars is somewhat limited.

Your best bet for buying Nars is to pay a visit to Mecca Cosmetica, where you can pick up the Beauty Blogger Holy Grail of Blushes, Nars Orgasm, for NZ$59.00. If you don’t have $59 to drop on a blush then fear not – today I swatched the closest thing I’ve found to Orgasm since Milani’s Rose D’Oro baked blush. Dare I say it – I think I like this blush better than Orgasm!


The dupe in question is by a brand you may already know a lot about – God knows I rave about their face form kits and eyeshadows. If anyone was going to make a high-quality, high pigment blush in a similar shade to a cult classic, it was naturally going to be Sleek.


The Sleek blush in Rose Gold is a beautiful strawberry colour with gold flecks through it similar to its famous Nars counterpart. The camera wasn’t picking up the gold but I can assure you – it is AMAZING. You might also have noticed that the Sleek packaging doesn’t pick up as much crap on the outside as the Nars packaging does, which is another bonus.

20140817_120456The real magic happens inside the package – can you tell which is the cult classic and which is the Sleek version? You might be surprised at which is which. The first slighty-more-pigmented swatch closest to my watch took only a couple of rather enthusiastic swipes to achieve. The colour was smooth and buttery and the pigment was gorgeous.

The second swatch closer to my sleeve took a lot more work to achieve, and I had to really swatch it a few times to get even the most natural pale flush of pink going on. The shimmer was also slightly less and overall the product seems to have been designed with the average girl in mind. It would be easier to get a natural look with this product as it would be very hard to overdo it. With the first product, you’ll get a natural look first swipe rather than after the thirty-second.

20140817_120507Are you surprised, dear reader? I know I was. I much prefer the Sleek blush. The gold is much gold-er and the pigment is much better than the Nars equivalent. I’d also like to add that at only NZ$14, the Sleek Rose Gold blush is a whopping $45 cheaper than its Nars counterpart!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend you skip the Orgasm (!!!) and go straight to Sleek. The Sleek colour is more pigmented, has impressive staying power, and is well-packaged. It’s also a much better price than the Nars blush and for that alone I’d recommend it over the latter!

Have you guys swatched Sleek Rose Gold or Nars Orgasm? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “FINALLY – a dupe for Nars Orgasm!: A Sleek vs NARS Blush-Off!

  1. I almost feel embarrassed to say I’ve never even seen the Nars blushes! They look so pretty but definitely out of my price range, so this sleek one is a good option!

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