What Does a Beauty Blogger Wear To The Supermarket?: My Go-To Everyday Face!

You’ve seen me as Kim Kardashian. You’ve seen me with lipsticks of all kinds of colours. You’ve even seen me as a Geordie Lass – however – there’s one look I don’t think I’ve done. It occurred to me today, as I put on my makeup for work, that you guys still haven’t seen my everyday face.


Dear reader – here it is, my face in its everyday glory. It’s a very simple look but it’s one that I go for without thinking about it. For nights out or occasions more spectacular than the supermarket or work, I often intensify this look and add a bold lip and some false lashes.


For the eyes, I apply an eye primer, then throw over some Foxy from my trusty Naked2 palette, and then some Tease just above the crease which I blend out with a blending brush. My brows get the Anastasia Brow Wiz treatment and my liner is usually just the Barry M felt-tip style liner.

Sometimes I go for a bit of Maybelline Colour Tattoo in black or MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on a tiny brush. Then it’s Maybelline Colossal lashes and a bit of Elf Undereye Setting powder.


My complexion is always the same base regardless of what else goes on top – the Etude House Pore Ever primer, the Elf Zit Zapping concealer on my chin, then the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream over the top.

I apply it with my fingers then spritz a duo-fibre brush with some rosewater and blend it softly to a smooth finish. Lastly I line my lips with a natural lip liner and throw on some NYX butter gloss in Creme Brulee.

More often than not I also go for a powder over the top (Borne Cosmetics), then my Sleek Face Form palette and Milani blush in Luminoso for Contour, Highlight and Blush. The final three steps are essentially what transforms it from “supermarket” to “work” but today it’s a supermarket day.


There you have it – my natural, everyday look. I throw this on pretty much whenever I leave the house in daylight. If it’s past 5pm there’s definitely fake lashes and a bolder lip involved, and probably some more complex eye makeup too!

Do you guys use any of these products on a daily basis? What are your favourite go-to products? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “What Does a Beauty Blogger Wear To The Supermarket?: My Go-To Everyday Face!

  1. My ‘everyday face’ is a scowl and some lip gloss while sitting at my desk hahaha. But a typical weekend face is Clinique CC cream, Maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze, Bobbi brown espresso gel eyeliner and either MAC syrup lipstick or Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum.

      1. It’s the best! My first Mac lipstick, got it when mum let me use her back to Mac. Today I’m wearing a cc cream sample from my handbag, a Kmart eyeliner and mascara I keep in my desk and very bright lipstick.

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