Article & Review: My Top Ten Online Beauty Shops

The internet can be a scary place. It becomes even scarier when you have to send your hard-earned cash to a stranger in a random country to buy something that you’re not even sure is authentic! Don’t worry guys. I’ve got your asses covered. In no particular order, I present to you my ten favourite websites for online shopping from New Zealand.

1. Cutie & Beautie

cutie and beauty

The name of this one can be a little confusing – it’s called “Cutie & Beautie” but the site address is Hikosen-Cara. Nonetheless, I’ve purchased from the lovely people at Cutie & Beautie a couple of times and have always been really impressed with their service.

They sell heaps of my favourite brands like Lioele, Wet N Wild, Elf, China Glaze, Milani, Ardell, Lime Crime, Rimmel, and Urban Decay. They also sell Z Palettes at the cheapest price I’ve seen – I picked up a leopard print one from them not so long ago.

Every time I’ve purchased with Cutie & Beautie they’ve also thrown in a little sample or two as well which is always appreciated. Shipping is fast too – my fastest package from them was within 24 hours!



Another awesome Kiwi website, shares Cutie & Beautie’s reputation for super-fast shipping, and also sells a number of fantastic products that are harder to find in NZ.

I’ve purchased NYX from them before, and they also sell Sleek, Lime Crime, The Balm, Elf, BeautyBlender, Sigma, Real Techniques, and Duo. I really don’t think you can go wrong with, and recommend them to any NZer that’s looking for high quality brands at good prices with outrageously fast shipping.

3. MAC Cosmetics



I see a lot of Kiwis in particular asking about where on earth they can purchase MAC online. I’ll let you in on a little secret – the only place you can buy MAC online authentically is from You can, of course, buy it from Nordstrom, which is a big American department store and authorized MAC retailer, or physically from any of the MAC Counters across New Zealand, but online this is your best bet.

Buying online directly from MAC means that you get to see the newest collections and access them when they’re released in America instead of waiting a month or two for them to get to NZ. You also get the American prices, which means that instead of paying NZ $42 for a lipstick, you’re paying NZ $18 or so instead. Even with shipping included that’s a heck of a lot cheaper!

Because MAC only ship within the US, you have to use YouShop to access this service. I’ve bought things this way about five times now, and have never had any issues. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stock up on authentic MAC without paying a premium.

4. YouShop



Speaking of using Youshop, here it is! I’ve listed it in my top ten online beauty shops because it makes buying nearly every American or European cosmetic imaginable about thirty times easier and at a lower cost. It’s not anywhere near as scary as it sounds, and if you’re a Westpac customer you also get a 10% discount.

To use Youshop, you simply sign up for the service which is run by NZ post, and use your YouShop address, which they will provide you with when you sign up, in the shipping address information when you purchase online. Your billing addresses will match wherever your Visa Debit or Credit Card statements are sent to (probably your home address) but make sure that your YouShop address is put down for the shipping.

Once you’ve placed your order and your parcel has been sent from say, Urban Decay to the YouShop warehouse in Oregon, you’ll receive an email from the people at YouShop saying your parcel has arrived. After this, you simply pay the shipping to NZ (usually around $22), confirm where you want it sent to, and voila! Your parcel should arrive within a week or so. Make sure you check before you order to check you won’t get pinged at customs.

5. iherb


While iHerb looks like a dodgy internet forum from the 90s, you can rest assured that as long as you pick the $8 shipping (PICK THE $8 SHIPPING!), you can safely buy supplements and beauty products and receive them within a week or so direct from the US.

I pick up all my Elf here, and they also sell bdellium brushes, Real Techniques brushes, Physician’s Formula as well as other staples like coconut oil, Lara Bars, protein powder, my Reviva Labs rosewater spray and European clay powder. If you are into health food, come here first. It’s cheaper and faster than getting it anywhere else.

6. Etsy



Etsy is like your cool older cousin that goes to art school and buys all their clothes from the Hospice Shops with the crazy cat lady for a mother. This translates well in the beauty world. I love trawling Etsy for new indie cosmetics and recently have been really impressed with Impulse Cosmetics and Borne Cosmetics.This Buzzfeed article will sum that up for you. You can also pick up some awesome Kiwi indie nail polishes like Star Kin from Etsy.

7. Beautyjoint


Beautyjoint, like iHerb, looks like a scam at first, but once you make several purchases, you’ll figure out that actually it’s a treasure trove of outrageously low-priced staples that you won’t be able to look back from. The shipping is based on weight so you pay more depending on what you buy, but don’t let that put you off.

I’ve purchased from here numerous times, mostly fuelled by watching Shaaanxo videos of Wet N Wild lipstick swatches. You can get nearly every brand imaginable here and at American prices too, which means $2.75 for a Wet N Wild lipstick (many of these are MAC colour dupes), $7 or $8 for a Milani blush (dupes for NARS anyone?) and $20 for an OCC lip tar (these are $36 in Auckland!).

They also do Elf, Jordana, NYX, The Balm, Rimmel and more. I cannot get over how low-cost the stuff here is. The shipping is usually only 10 days or so from America which means that by the time it arrives you’ve forgotten you’d ordered it so it’s a nice surprise.

8. Asos


ASOS is an old friend. While they don’t ship a lot of the higher-end stuff here (Benefit/NARS), their lower-cost brands like Barry M and Bourjois are a GODSEND. Bourjois’ foundation and pressed powders are like nothing else you’ll get for the price, and most of them also smell incredible.

Barry M does the best damned liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used and nothing else can compare. They’re also one of the cheapest places to pick up Rimmel on the internet and the shipping is free and takes about as much time as BeautyJoint to arrive.

9. BeautyNetKorea


BeautyNetKorea is one of my absolute favourites for Korean skincare and beauty. Don’t even get me started on how wonderful this place is. This is where I pick up my Benton Snail Bee products as well as my Innisfree and Tony Moly. They send you samples with your order and it only takes about a week to arrive. If you haven’t gotten into Korean skincare and cosmetics, this is where you need to start.

10. Urban Decay


Urban Decay is one of my all-time favourite beauty brands and like with MAC, I use YouShop to retrieve it from America. Out of all the cosmetics I use, I always take pride in using Urban Decay because they make vegan, cruelty free cosmetics as well as the most brilliant eyeshadows I’ve ever used.

Their eye primer is a staple in my makeup collection along with the Naked2 palette, and their lipstick is also famed. I have the electric palette on my wishlist next and having purchased my last Naked2 and primer potion by getting my order sent from here to YouShop, I can highly recommend this site to you too.

I know this was a bit of a different post today but I thought it might be pretty helpful. As a New Zealander there’s often little access to the big brands that America and the UK sell but these are the best ways I’ve found to get there!

Have you shopped with any of these websites? What did you guys think of this post? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Article & Review: My Top Ten Online Beauty Shops

    1. You’ve got to do it! Have a look at their top sellers and go by your favorite kinds of scents. You can pick up samples before you commit to the full versions. Wanderlust, Misc Bliss and Skin and Tonics are all awesome places to read up more too ♥

  1. Oh my gosh this is so tempting for me! I’m trying not to buy any more products but this is making it difficult 😉 Although I must say I do like a good online window shop, without actually purchasing anything!

    I had heard that Urban Decay is no longer cruelty free, but I’m not 100% (as I’ve never bought it or researched much about it before, just heard other bloggers say). I want to start buying only cruelty free products though, so if I learn more I’ll let you know! Either way, this is a good list of online shops and one that I perhaps should stay away from 😉 lovely post missy xoxo

      1. Aha that could be it. I’m really not sure because I’m only just becoming familiar to them now (through Youtube videos lol). It’s a tricky area when it’s a parent company, I wish they all just didn’t test on animals, the world would be a better and much less confusing place! 😉

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