Article & Review: Elf Zit Zapping Concealer in Fair

Today I’m going to do a review that has been a long time coming – I’ve had this handy little product for a month or so and it’s gotten a lot of use!


I purchased this elf Zit Zapping concealer from iHerb for around $3 US and for the price I cannot believe how good this stuff is. I bought the “fair” colour which is very, very pale, but as a super pale person that needs paler-than-a-sheet concealer to conceal some areas of my sheet-coloured face, this suits me just fine.


It has a slightly annoying applicator, but for the price you can’t really complain. In saying that, I’m almost always annoyed by Elf’s applicators. Nonetheless, I’ve been wiping this product onto a sanitized hand and working from the back of my hand when using this product to prevent the spread of bacteria. It’s important to be sanitary particularly when applying makeup to broken skin and acne, so I recommend you do this too!


The solution itself has a strong Tea Tree oil smell that fades after a minute or so. It contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Camphor which means that it’s a little drying so I wouldn’t put it around your eye area. Despite this, it’s a fantastic concealer if you’re having a breakout, and I picked a day where I had a particularly nasty breakout on my chin to display the magic of this brightening, healing concealer.


From this close up, you might be able to see that I’ve broken out on my chin and that’s where I’ve used the elf Zit Zapping concealer. I broke out even worse than this a week or so ago and had to put on makeup for work on Saturday then an event on Saturday night. By Sunday evening my blemishes had almost healed and my face was less sensitive and grumpy.

All in all, this is a fantastic product for those days where your skin just isn’t happy with you. It’s not an all-over concealer, but it’s perfect for spot (pun?) applications in places that you don’t want to clog up with product to get a flawless overall look.

What do you think of this concealer? Have you given it a go? Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Article & Review: Elf Zit Zapping Concealer in Fair

  1. Well i haven’t used it myself because iam a chap that’s not into make up lol but the results look very good x

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