Article & Guest Post: What’s In My Bag with Laura from!

I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with the wonderful Laura from! If you haven’t checked out Laura’s blog you definitely need to RIGHT NOW. Laura is super lovely and posts heaps of awesome reviews, favourites and hauls and I always look forward to catching up on her posts. 

1233459_10151873673486942_1899151940_n (2)

Here is my Monday to Friday Bag for all to see! I was actually quite surprised emptying it that there weren’t a few more lost lipsticks – but there was a whole lot of loose coins, I’m practically a coin millionaire now. On the weekends I travel pretty light so this is the most I ever carry around, and so far this year I haven’t had any dramas of really needing something and not having it in my bag so I guess I must be doing something right =)

photo 1 (22)

1//How long have you had your bag for and where did you get it from?
I have had this bag for just a little over a year now, I got it on sale at Forever New. I went out specially to buy it when I got my new job as I needed a cute bag which would hold all my bits and be able to handle carrying paperwork home now and then. It’s a lot different to the type of handbag I would usually buy – it’s a bit more sturdier and structured, but it does the job! However I think it will get replaced very soon after my big trip to Thailand at the end of the year.

2//What is the one product or thing that you can’t walk out of the house without?
I always no matter what have my cell phone and wallet on me – or at least my phone and my debit card. But apart from those two I never, ever leave the house without a lip balm. After a long time of being on Roaccutane (heavy acne medication) I still suffer the side effect of quite dry lips years later. At the moment it’s an EOS Lip Balm in Passionfruit, before that my must have was Maybelline Baby Lips and I also have my Linden Leaves Lip Treatment as a back up.

3//Do you prefer to travel light or have everything and anything you might need on you at all times?
Honestly, I’ve gone from one extreme to the next! I use to have to have everything and anything on me at all times, however now I’m quite different. For my usual work day I have my essentials on me plus a few extras, but on the weekends out shopping or lunching I like to travel as light as possible. I just hate having to carry heaps around! Catch me at the mall on the weekend and I’ll probably just have my wallet on me with a MAC lipstick stuffed inside it. When it comes to a vacation or packing for an overnight trip though it’s a complete different story!

photo 2 (21)

4//How often do you clean out your bag and wallet?
Not as often as I should. It’s always a missing earring or lipstick that forces me to clean out my bag, and a wallet overflowing with receipts which is screaming out for a sort out. Overall though they both stay pretty tidy as I hate not being able to find things when I really need too. Last time I cleaned my bag out was a few weeks ago when my puppy decided to have a rummage through it – luckily there was no damage and just a piece of dog biscuit.

5//List five must have products to always have in a hand bag.
Oh my, this is actually a bit of a hard one! Okay, apart from the obvious essentials (keys,cell phone,wallet) here are my top 5.
1. A non-coloured lip balm. 2. Whichever lip stick I am currently wearing at the time. 3. Small pack of tissues. 4. Hand cream. 5. Panadol – seriously the amount of times I have saved my or someone else’s day by having a few painkillers in my bag, you never know when you’ll need them.

Thank you so much Laura – loved reading your answers! You can check out Laura’s post where I show you what’s in MY bag over at Be sure to follow her on Twitter for updates too – just click the link!


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