Article & Review: Jessup Brushes – Worth the Hype?

Friends; country(wo)men, lend me your ears. For some time now, I have been hearing a lot about the Jessup brushes from eBay. All over Auckland I have been hearing; “Have you heard about the new Jessup brushes?” “JESSUP BRUSHES ARE AMAZING,” “I hear that one time they were used by John Stamos on a plane and he thought they were pretty good brushes.” You get the gist.


As a beauty blogger and makeup artist, I felt as though it was my duty to order these and try them out. At less than the price of half a MAC brush in New Zealand, I could get an entire set of face and eye brushes from eBay – surely it was too good to be true?


Behold – these brushes. I am here to tell you that it wasn’t too good to be true. These brushes are the Real Deal and are a hell of a lot better than other brushes I’ve paid more $$$ for. They compare to my Sedona Lace brush, and while they lack the finesse of my MAC 217 and many of my Bdellium Tools brushes, they are still Very Very Good, and indeed, better than others I’ve used.


I’m not sure exactly what they’re made of but they feel synthetic and super soft. They are just as soft as my Real Techniques brushes and feel beautiful on the skin. One of the bigger face brushes I got compares to my Sedona Lace 480 – it’s a similar density, shape and size, and does a very good job! All of the brushes I received were similarly dense and soft, although the density isn’t quite as firm as some of my favourite face and eye brushes.


I also am really impressed with the eye brushes – this one in particular compares to my MAC 217 and one of my favourite Bdellium blending brushes as pictured below. Sometimes I have issues cleaning my Bdellium brushes because when I use some of the lower-quality products they tend to stain the white bristles. This won’t be as much of an issue with these brushes, however, as most of the bristles are black.

DSC07989Overall, I cannot believe how many brushes you get for the price. I am also super amazed at the quality of these, and I know that I’m not the only one! I bought these off eBay here so just click the link if you want to get in on the Jessup action.

Have you heard of the Jessup brushes? Would you try them out? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Article & Review: Jessup Brushes – Worth the Hype?

  1. If you have bought the real ones then you’ll know why the hype 🙂
    The strange thing about these brushes is that they have become so famous that people are even asking if they are the real thing or imitation jessup 🙂
    You can now find a seller in trademe that brings the “original” ones and there is a new shop online that sells them as well. Just google

      1. These ARE originals 🙂 But I’ve seen questions on trademe of people asking the seller of the brushes if they were originals or not 🙂
        I was just commenting on the fact that jessup are so famous now that people are making fakes of them!! LOL
        This really means they are good.

  2. Jesus brushes are great! I’ve reviewed both the 10pc Kabuki Set and 15pc PRO Set on my blog – check it out and let me know what you think of the brushes yourself. And yeah, I’m pretty sure these are originals too 🙂

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